John Wick Homes
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Price Guarantee

There are many sound reasons to build a John Wick Home. One of the most important is price. There is a big difference in how a John Wick Home Builder will price your home.

Stick builders can only offer you a cost estimate that normally goes up as the project progresses. The price that you pay a stick builder will be based on the cost of labor and materials at the time the home is built. This is not a good thing.

Your John Wick Home Builder provides a price quote that you can take to the bank. Once your order is accepted at John Wick Homes our price will not change. Since John Wick Homes is a large volume builder, we get volume pricing from our suppliers which minimizes our price increases. Even then, we always give our customers a long "grace period" to get their home started. Once underway, your home's cost will never change.

Price estimate vs. price quote is an important factor to consider when choosing a builder for your new home.